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The ultimate plastic firewall!

Class B1 • self-extinguishing • non-toxic • Applicable in all thermoplastic processes

How works Akusta FireStop?

Chemically bound water is slowly released on contact with fire and water vapor is produced, which insulates and consumes energy. A 3 mm film contains 1 liter of chemically bound water per square meter (= 5 kg of mass), resulting in 1,860 liters of water vapor over the course.

The special fire protection film also has sound-absorbing and structure-borne sound-absorbing properties based on polyolefins and inorganic components such as aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide. The material has sound insulation values analogous to those of conventional heavy-duty films for the same weight per unit area.

Since Akusta FireStop is a thermoplastic material, a carrier material (fabric, wood, plastic, metal) is required to fully develop its properties. Akusta FireStop can be used as granulate in injection molding and is also suitable for thermoforming. The film can be laminated with TPO film and can also be reinforced with other materials such as glass fiber and fleece in a multi-layer process.

Akusta FireStop is not toxic when exposed to fire, only CO2 and water vapor are released.

The material can be disposed of with household waste.

Information sheet and technical characteristics

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